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Being able to produce quotations quickly and accurately is a key requirement of an efficient sales process. However, this process is often slowed down by those preparing the quotes not having access to up to date product and pricing information and then having to go through a convoluted process to prepare a document that can be sent to the customer.

Having Sage CRM linked to Sage 50 with LoriaLINK means that all the information is available in one place leading to the following benefits:

  • Fast quotation production.
    • CRM screens can be configured to ensure mandatory information is entered by the user
    • Automatically populates the core customer information
    • Products and pricing are selected directly from Sage 50.
    • Quotation history is visible to other users
    • Auto numbering and version control

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  • Consistent product naming and pricing.
    • Access to past orders ensures correct product and price are selected for customer repeat orders.
    • Users don't create 'new' products or use a different description where one already exists.
    • Allows more accurate forecasting and pipeline management
  • Merge and email quotes directly in a couple of clicks..
    • Merge to any number of templates for professional looking quotes
    • Ensure consistent look and feel and include standard paragraphs, terms etc.
    • Create quote and email to customer as pdf as a single action.
    • Supports multiple currencies
  • Send variants of quotes to multiple customers for same job.
    • Easily create and send quote variants (i.e. to contractors pitching for the same project).
    • Find out who is winning business and who is just making up the numbers.
    • Only single quote is reflected in the forecast to avoid skewing pipeline
  • Improved sales pipeline and forecasting information
    • View forecast by product / service as well as value
    • Win / Loss reporting shows active customers as well as tracking the source of closed sales.
    • Activity tracker shows who is quoting and winning most work and time taken to close
  • Easily convert quote to order without rekeying