All businesses need orders from customers to survive. And yet, taking an order from a customer and entering this into the accounting system for processing is often an inefficient and time-consuming task.

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By having Sage CRM linked with Sage 50, orders can be created by the sales team in Sage CRM, either by converting a previous quote or by creating a dedicated order based on product and pricing information in Sage 50. This can then be synchronised across to Sage 50 directly, or via a review system that allows a manager or accountant to view and amend orders prior to them being transferred. If the order is for a new customer then an account can be created in Sage 50 from Sage CRM without rekeying.

The benefits of this are that the order process is streamlined in the following way:

  • Orders are created by the sales team based on Sage 50 price lists.
    • speeds up the creation of orders using CRM forms with some pre-completed order information
    • access to Sage 50 data improves accuracy and ensures consistency of pricing.
    • makes sure that required information (such as Purchase Order Number) is present before submitting order.

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  • Respects special pricing and discounts set up for customers.
    • Reduces the possibility that agreed special pricing will be overlooked.
  • Include custom items and comments..
    • Special products and notes can be added to the order alongside standard products as required.
  • Orders can be reviewed prior to transfer into Sage 50.
    • Allows orders to be checked for correct VAT, creditworthiness etc. prior to acceptance.
  • Displays profit by product and overall as order is prepared.
    • Allows sales discounts to be managed against defined margins
  • Does not require CRM users to have an accounts licence.
    • Financial data is available by default to all users subject to their access permissions.
    • Reduces the initial and ongoing cost of integration
  • Access can be controlled by CRM user profiles.
    • It is easy to control the data that is available to sales users via their CRM settings.

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  • Provides visibility of stock.
    • CRM users can access stock availability by product.